More and more users are interested in knowing how Wallapop works to find second-hand cars. Is this platform reliable
How Wallapop works to find used cars

Wallapop has become one of the main platforms for buying and selling second-hand items, even including vehicles of all kinds, so if you are wondering how Wallapop works to find second-hand cars , this article will indicate some basic premises. Finding and comparing cars is usually a tedious task, but sometimes you can find some pretty cool bargains that make it worth taking a look at in this app.

Cars usually appear on the main screen of the Wallapop application as soon as it is opened, but if we want to do a more exhaustive search, we can click on the ‘Cars’ icon that we find in the top bar of the screen and see what is available. If we click on ‘Filters’ or ‘Sort by’, we can make the search more tailored to what we are looking for and find better results.

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It is the main fear of many users: is Wallapop reliable to buy second-hand cars? Unlike official or second-hand dealers, private users can also publish their ads on Wallapop, so it is clear that there is a greater risk of finding offers that do not fit the description or that are simply a scam. To find a good purchase of something as important as a vehicle, you should pay even more attention to Wallapop to avoid being scammed.

However, Wallapop also offers us some tools to be able to have greater peace of mind in this regard. If we enter ‘Filters’ and scroll down a bit, we will find the possibility of activating the ‘Cars with guarantee’ option. This will help us in case we have to open a dispute if we buy it and it can save us some trouble. Another alternative is to move the bubble bar under the text box until the ‘Only professionals’ option appears, where the cars published by portals specializing in the sale of second-hand vehicles will appear.

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The number of cars published in the platform’s catalog makes many want to refine their search and learn how to find second-hand diesel cars on Wallapop . To do this, all you have to do is enter the ‘Filters’ section that we find at the top of the screen and scroll down.

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We will be able to filter the cars not only by those that are diesel, but also gasoline or electric. Filtering is a basic tool to quickly and easily locate what we want to consult.


There is a very interesting search that we can do on Wallapop: I am selling a car because I cannot drive . Many users add this description when posting their vehicles for sale, so if we write that phrase in the search box, these opportunities will appear.

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The vast majority of users who include this in the description do so because they are already elderly people who cannot continue driving or people who have suffered an injury that prevents them from driving , so the prices they put on cars are quite attractive. by having a greater willingness to sell them. Of course, in these cases it is convenient to walk with a thousand eyes so as not to find ourselves with a scam and be well informed about the conditions in which the car is, the reasons why the owner wants to sell it, etc. In Wallapop you always have to exercise extreme caution, but in the case of vehicles it is worth doubling it and always being alert.

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