So you can watch and movies thanks to Stremio add-ons

Internet service users want convenience and everything in the palm of their hand. That’s why there are apps like Stremio that seek to simplify the use of different streaming content platforms to watch any of our favorite series without looking for which app it’s on. And there appears Stremio. However, you are most likely looking for how to watch movies and series for free on Stremio from your mobile . And here we are going to tell you step by step and well explained.



The first thing is to start with the key application for all this. If you know the Kodi system , which served as a content center, this Stremio app is an alternative that is gaining more and more fame and followers. As a leisure center it combines the usual contents and billboards with direct links to the services where they are reproduced. All this on an open source platform so everyone knows how it works and adds their own features.

In this way, by downloading Stremio from the Google Play Store or the App Store we can discover the movies and series that are in fashion and have direct links to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and the rest of the platforms. All this with the interesting addition of being compatible with Chromecast and being able to play the content on the connected TV.


However, it is necessary to have an account in these services to view the contents. And it is that Stremio is nothing more than a mere platform. Unless its plugins, plugins or addons are used .


Herein lies the real reason for the attention Stremio is receiving. Like Kodi, it is an empty shell of content that relies on plugins or addons to function. Being open source, there are add-ons developed by their own engineers and considered official, but there are also unofficial ones. These add-ons insert links to servers and content within Stremio where you can watch those movies and series for free. Of course, avoiding all kinds of regulations on copyright and copyright . And being able to put your privacy and security at risk. Although anyone can check its code, it does not mean that it does not include dangers.

From we recommend not using dangerous add-ons or those that add illegal content or that ignore the laws on copyright and reproduction.

The curious thing is that these additions or complements do not have to look very far, since they are presented in the application itself. Simply display the side menu and click on Addons or Complements and choose any of the list. Each one has a purpose, such as including YouTube content here to play alongside the rest. Or even access services with Anime content with Crunchyroll officially . Thus, you can search Stremio and play any content from different platforms in the same app.


Of course, there are also unofficial addons or complements with access to content such as movies that are still being broadcast in the cinema, downloaded series from streaming platforms or even pornography from different web pages. With which it would not be necessary to use more apps than Stremio to reproduce these contents . Or even to pay for the services and subscriptions with which you have access to these contents. Again, these unofficial add-ons with illegitimate content can put you at risk.


The installation of addons or complements in Stremio is very simple. The hard part is finding the add-on that works best. One option is to go through the Addons section that is in the main menu of Stremio. Here you will see official and unofficial addons about different content: anime, audiobooks, cartoon series catalogs … but there are also addons to find subtitles, recipe videos, direct channels and even radio and television channels.

Review the information of the addon or complement and click on Install or Install to add it to your Stremio. With this, on the main screen of the application you will see new sections if what you have added are content categories. Or maybe new links when entering to see a content, being able to choose what.

The other option to find addons is to use forums and specialized web pages around this service. A good option is to browse Reddit threads where the user community adds links to these plugins. They are usually add-ons with which you can watch premiere movies and series completely free by taking advantage of third-party servers or content exchange platforms such as Torrent. Therefore it is advisable to ensure that the content is safe and viable . And, of course, take charge of the content that is going to be reproduced, in case they are illegal copies. Anyway, the installation process is the same. You just have to click on the link and Install the plugin to join the family.


If you need to uninstall any addon then you will have to go to the addons menu on the main screen. Here use the tab on the right to switch from the community plugins to the ones you have installed. This way you will see the list and you can click on the Uninstall option to get rid of them.


Once you’ve stocked up on add-ons and content, Stremio will be ready for you to play them inside. With that, all you have to do is enter the app and walk through the collection of titles that appear on the screen. When you download you will see that there are collections related to some of the plugins you have added.

Click on the content you want and access the information page of the series or movies. Here you will see different links to play the content. If you have added official plugins you will see links to the different platforms where you must have an account. If you have added other unofficial plugins you will see the link to start playing the content directly . Sometimes you will need a few seconds of charging to connect and store the content. After that, it begins to play directly on the mobile.

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