How to use both SIM and micro SD at the same time on a modern Dual SIM phone

Currently, many modern Dual SIM phones suffer from hybrid or mixed slot limitation . This slot, where the second SIM is housed, can also house a memory card. This means that if two SIMs are inserted in the device, the possibility of inserting a micro SD card is lost. If you prefer to use a micro SD, you can no longer insert a second SIM.

Put the Micro SD and SIM card together in one body

There is the possibility of using both SIM and micro SD at the same time in a modern Dual SIM phone. It is a manual modification that consists of putting the second SIM and the micro SD together on a single chip that is properly housed in the hybrid slot. In this way, the phone will simultaneously read the second SIM and micro SD .

The method has been successfully tested on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Dual SIM . It is not guaranteed to work on other models. There is a risk of damaging the SIM and micro SD involved. If proper work is not done, forcing the insert into the device could damage it as well. And in case of doing a good physical job, there is a possibility that the phone is not capable of reading the second SIM and micro SD at the same time . You can test it on your device at your own risk. The essential requirement is that your phone is Dual SIM with a hybrid slot.

The video below, although in English, illustrates the process quite well. It all comes down to sticking the second SIM over the micro SD . Previously the SIM must have been disassembled from the plastic that surrounds it . In addition, the micro SD must be polished enough so that, together with the SIM, the thickness is adequate and there are no problems to insert it into the cell phone.

In order to remove the surrounding plastic from the SIM card, you will need to use a heat gun . Heating both will help to detach the plastic, without damaging the chip .

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