How to unblock someone on Instagram

It is possible to make a private account on Instagram but also to block people with whom you no longer wish to share your activities. Unblocking someone on Instagram is easy, but doing so has a few implications that you should be aware of. Here’s how to do it and what you need to know.

Have you blocked someone on Instagram ? If you did it temporarily, unblocking the contact can be done easily. However, you will have to re-subscribe to see his publications again in your news feed. He will have to do the same so that the link is restored in both directions. Here’s how to unblock someone on the social network.

Unblock someone on Instagram from an Android smartphone

  • Open Instagram and tap the bust icon in the lower right corner
  • Click on the three vertical dots at the top right to access the Settings
  • In the Security and privacy section , click on Blocked accounts
  • Here you have the list of all the people you have blocked on Instagram
  • To unblock a contact, tap on their profile
  • At the top, next to his profile picture, press the Unblock button
  • Profile unlocking is done instantly

And here is the procedure to follow from a computer

To unblock someone on Instagram from a PC or Mac via the web browser, the procedure is different as the web version does not offer the same options as on mobile. You must enter the contact’s name or nickname in the search bar. Then access his profile and click on the unlock button and voila.

The previously applied restrictions are lifted. The contact will be able to find you again thanks to the Instagram search but not see your publications in his thread, because you are no longer subscribed to each other. You will have to re-subscribe each on its own. If the problem does not arise at your level, the problem will be to find a way to tell him to re-subscribe to your account to follow your publications again.

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