How to reset your Android Q device via the settings

Resetting your Android Q device is always necessary if you encounter serious problems that you cannot solve otherwise. If this is the case for you, you have two methods to choose from to perform the hard reset.

Reset Android Q – how it is done

If you have problems with your Android-Q device that cannot be solved, the last option can help you to reset your smartphone or tablet. Even if you want to sell your device, a complete reset is necessary to delete all personal data and settings.

  1. To reset your Android-Q device to the factory settings, please first open the settings of your smartphone or tablet.
  2. In the settings, navigate to “System”> “Advanced”> “Reset options” and tap on “Clear all data”.
  3. Now confirm again by tapping on “Reset phone or tablet” that you really want to carry out the reset.
  4. As soon as the reset has been carried out, your Android-Q device will be restarted and you can set it up again or from a backup.

Android Q: More reset options

If it is no longer possible to access the device’s settings, you can also reset it using a key combination. To do this, hold down the “Power button” and the “Volume down button” while the device is switched off until the boot menu appears on the display. Then navigate in the menu to the entry “Wipe data / factory reset” and confirm your selection with the “Power button”. The device is then reset and you can then restart it with “Reboot system now” .

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