How to raise lower VOLUME of the cell phone WITHOUT buttons

control volume damaged buttons volume in notification

Two of the best applications to increase and decrease the volume of your Android if the volume key or button does not work.

Previously we already gave a solution to turn on a cell phone without a power button. This time we have a couple of  very useful APPs if any volume button is damaged.

In most cases, the volume knob (s) should be easily repairable by any service technician. But while you do that, you can install an application to control the volume, like the following. The best thing about them is they offer quick access from the status bar or notifications.


APP to increase the volume without the buttons

Free volume control

control volume damaged buttons control volume broken buttons control volume broken buttons

This application integrates very well in the Android status bar. Yes, that top drop-down bar at the top of the screen.

It offers a control to increase and decrease the volume of the media (multimedia volume of music, videos and games).

It also provides quick control for the ring volume. The phone can be set to silent, vibrate mode and normal (sound) mode quickly. Normal mode activates the ringer at the volume level the phone was at before. If you can’t see these buttons, just swipe down on the app notification to show them.

It offers an access to the application where you can leave configured the ring volume (increase and decrease) and the multimedia volume. From there you can also hide or show the application icon in the status bar. You can also configure the app to start when the phone starts up and show an example of the volume level when it is increased or decreased.

Download APP

Volume in Notifications

control volume broken buttons volume in notification control volume damaged buttons volume in notification control volume damaged buttons volume in notification

This application is somewhat more basic because it “only” puts a multimedia volume control (music, videos and games) in the status bar. The ring volume cannot be controlled from there.

You can increase and decrease the volume (UP and DOWN) little by little, as well as mute the multimedia volume (MUTE).

In the settings, the “Pin near status bar when activated” option allows you to put the notification above or below the notifications in the status bar. “Automatically Start on boot” allows the application to always start every time the phone is restarted.

You should not forget to click on the Activate button so that the application integrates the volume control in the notification bar.

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Applications to increase and decrease volume

The volume buttons are extremely indispensable. With the appropriate application they can be used to change the music, block applications, etc. Obviously, its most important function is to control the volume of the device. The applications mentioned here can be useful when they have been damaged, but also when the volume buttons of the Android device are far away or not easily accessible. For example, in the case of a tablet.

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