Since the launch, Instagram users have always wondered how to know who is stalking me on Instagram, is it possible?

Instagram is one of the most used social networks, with more than 1 billion active users. The biggest unknown for its users is how to know who is stalking me on Instagram in 2022 . Since its release in 2010, many users ask this question and use all kinds of methods to find out, from applications to external websites. Here we bring you the whole truth about how to know who is stalking me on Instagram in 2022.

Since the launch of the stories, back in 2016, they have stolen the limelight from the posts. What was initially born as a complement has become a key element of the app. Stories capture key moments that only last 24 hours, drawing attention to that period. They allow us to know how many users have accessed our profile from them, since if you have a professional or company account you can know the number of visitors to your profile and statistics of your stories.

In any case, even if we know the number of people who have accessed our profile, it is impossible to know exactly who visits it. The cheats or apps that answer this question lie. Oh, and of course don’t even think about paying them. What is possible is to relate certain data that makes it easier to know who is stalking me on Instagram in 2022.


Do not install apps to find out who is stalking you on Instagram for free. They are false and promise things that they cannot deliver , as they are only looking for you to install them to incorporate malware, collect personal information or change your password to hack you . Many of these are removed from the Play Store or App Store in a short time due to their dangerous practices against the privacy of those who use them.

These applications claim to have elaborate algorithms and most have positive ratings that exceed 4/5 stars. None of this is true, since they do not have elaborate algorithms and the positive notes are usually falsified . Although it may seem that they have a complex system, it is a lie.


The applications that promise to detail this information to us do not work, but there are other tricks that detail how to know who is stalking me on Instagram in 2022 . It is impossible to know for sure the person who has done it, but thanks to the following tips we can get closer, with greater or lesser accuracy, to knowing who visits my Instagram profile.


Likes are the best indicator to find out who visits your profile . You will receive a notification every time another user likes a post of yours. If that like is from a recently uploaded photo, it is most likely that he has found it on his timeline, but if it is from an old photo, it is that he has reached it by stalking you. On the other hand, if you receive multiple likes from that person on different photos, they want you to know that they have visited your profile. Finally, if you receive a like notification but it disappears when you click on it, it is almost certain that an old photo has missed that like while it was gossiping at you.

Stories are another useful indicator. If you have a company account or professional profile, you can find out how many people have accessed your profile from a specific story . If this story adds a person who has accessed your profile after new viewers arrive, the visitor is one of them. On the other hand, if you upload several stories and few users reach the end, look at those people because they are the ones you are most interested in.

Continuing with the stories, these allow various reactions. It is possible to answer them, react or like them. Those who are more active with your stories have more chances to be the stalkers, because they are the ones who are most interested in them. Combine likes and stories to discover how to know who is stalking me on Instagram in 2022.

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