How to get out of my Call of Duty Mobile clan? – Pros and cons

rejoin a clan to win matches

If you have already started playing Call of Duty from the comfort of your mobile device, you probably know that it is easier to improve your aim or win the games in a matter of a few minutes . And it is that games of the EA Sports type are among the most popular and entertaining today. What makes its developers continue to implement innovations such as clans.

Where, it is valid to work as a team with the other members to achieve the objectives and overcome the enemy. Of course, if you wish, you can enter and leave the clan without major inconveniences and in the following article we will tell you everything about it. In the following way, you will know if it is convenient for you to do it or not and you will know more about this famous game.


What will happen when I leave my clan in Call of Duty Mobile?

Believe it or not, Call of Duty for mobile has great advantages such as eliminating lag forever or unlocking battles in a very simple way. Therefore, clans are no exception and you can access them publicly or privately as long as the team has at least five players who are active on certain days of the week.

Now, if you decide to leave your clan in Call of Duty Mobile, there will be certain disadvantages that will affect you in the games . By doing so, you could lose the extra XP that is essential when leveling up or purchasing Battle Passes. Similarly, you will be disqualified and your chances of obtaining the precious rewards will be zero.

get out of clans call of duty mobile

On the other hand, your scores may drop within war nodes . Since, these are achieved by completing the clan tasks and if you are no longer a part, you will miss out on the weekly deliveries. As well as the coins that work great in the Call of Duty online store  and that will allow you to acquire new tools and equipment with which to show off in games.

What happens to my CoD Mobile clan if I leave in the middle of a war?

As for your clan, its participants will have no repercussions if you decide to leave the group . Since, the situation will not affect at all the war in which they are taking place. What is certain is that your base will remain active within the map and attacks may affect you. In any case, it is valid that you reintegrate if you wish to continue carrying out your actions.

Please note, if you rejoin the clan when the war is raging, you may not be chosen by higher ranked members and you may have to participate only as an observer . So, you should take all these points into consideration before making the decision to leave your clan.

steps to leave a clan in the game of call of duty

Also, in Call of Duty Mobile, you are allowed to leave your old clan to join a new one while the war is raging . But, your movements will be recorded within your game profile. That is why the other players will be aware of your news if they access it.

Steps to follow to leave a clan to which I belong in Call of Duty Mobile

If you have your reasons that make it convenient for you to leave the clan in Call of Duty Mobile, nothing happens because here we will explain how to do it correctly. The first thing is that you open the game and log in. Then, you will have to press on the button that says Clan and that is located at the bottom of the screen. Locate the Members section until you find your username.

Now, all that remains is for you to click on the Exit box right next to your initials and that’s it. If a confirmation box appears on the screen, click OK to save the changes. Keep in mind that when leaving the clan you must wait a period of at least 24 hours before joining another group whose members are different.

rejoin a clan to win matches

Is it possible to rejoin a Call of Duty Mobile clan that I recently left?

In this case, you have to wait for a rest day so you can rejoin the group you just left. Or if you prefer, to one that is new and that offers you better possibilities when it comes to performing on the battlefield. Since, the developers implemented such a method in order to make the games more organized.

When requesting to join, you just have to press the clan wars button that will appear on the main screen, in your profile. If its color turns green, it is because the leaders accepted your participation. If, on the other hand, it comes out in red, it is because you are not fit to play.  

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