How to find out the MAC address on Android

The MAC address of your tablet or smartphone can be read directly on the device with the Android operating system. If you need the MAC address of your device, for example to log on to a protected network, we will explain here step by step how to find it.

Read MAC address on Android – procedure

MAC is the abbreviation for Media Access Control and refers to an address that is unique for each device and is used to identify it within a network. What is needed is the MAC address, among other things, if you are a network configure log into a protected network or to detect network card manufacturer of your. To find out the MAC address of your Android tablet or smartphone, please do the following:

  1. Open the settings of your Android device and navigate to the “System” entry.
  2. Tap on “About the phone” to open an overview with the most important information about your device.
  3. To then read out the twelve-digit MAC address, please tap on “Status” and search for the item “WLAN MAC address”.

Android: How to read the MAC address on other mobile devices

Even if you use a Windows phone or a mobile device with iOS instead of an Android device , it has a unique MAC address for identification. To read the MAC address of your iPhone or iPad, please open the device’s Settings app and go to “General”> “Info”. You will find the MAC address of your iOS device there next to the entry “WLAN address”. On a Windows Phone, the MAC address can also be found in the settings by tapping “Info”> “Further information”.

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