How to delete your Netflix account?

Do you want to delete your Netflix account but don’t know how to do it? Normal, the platform does not make the operation easy: it is not enough to press a button in the Settings. We therefore explain the procedure to follow.

We have already explained to you how you can unsubscribe from Netflix , we now tell you how to go further and completely delete your account . An option that can be considered if you are sure that you will never use the SVOD platform services again.

How to delete your Netflix account

First of all, be aware that Netflix automatically deletes accounts that have been inactive for more than ten months . If this is your case, you do not have to do anything. Otherwise and if you do not wish to wait for this ten month period, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Cancel your subscription if you haven’t already.
  • Contact [email protected] to request deletion of the account. You must write from the email address associated with the account you wish to delete. You cannot do it from another address, even by indicating the email concerned in the body of the message.

And here is already over ! Netflix does not specify a range on how long the deletion of the account can take after the message is sent. You should receive an email when the transaction has been completed.

Note that an account can only be deleted at the end of the current billing period, unless specifically requested by you. This applies if you subscribed directly from Netflix. If you have gone through a third-party service such as the Google Play Store, iTunes or an operator, you must wait until the end of the billing period to delete the account.

Also note that you can ask Netflix via the same address ( [email protected] ) to delete from their database the personal information you have provided if you have started the registration process without completing it.

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