Knowing how to deactivate Google Family Link on a mobile in 2022 will allow you to stop controlling a specific device.
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Parental control tools are very interesting to control the use that your children make of the mobile phone. But it is possible that even if you have tried them, there will come a time when you no longer need them, and you wonder how to deactivate Google Family Link on a mobile with 2022 .

Keep in mind that we find two different possibilities. One of them is that we want to remove parental control from the Google account of one of our children, in the way that we will explain a little later. And another is that we stop controlling a specific mobile , even if that same account is controlled on other devices. To do this, we will have to delete our son’s mobile account. To do this you will have to take the child’s mobile and go to the Family Link application for children and adolescents . Once inside the tool, choose the Remove account option and you will no longer have supervision of what the phone does.

The problem is that with this method we will not only be eliminating the control with Family Link. We will also be causing all services and data associated with that account to be removed from that device . Therefore, it is only recommended that we do this in the event that our children are no longer going to use that device, because they have a new one or because they are going to give it to someone else.



If our children are older or have simply gained our trust, we may need to know how to remove parental controls from a Google account . To do this you will have to enter Family Link on your smartphone and enter directly into your child’s profile. Subsequently, go to Configuration management> Parental configuration. In the menu that will appear, we will have to search for Account supervision, and select Stop supervision. In this way you will no longer have control over what that account does.

Teens themselves will also be able to remove parental controls, but not without consequences. Parents will receive notice that they have done so. In addition, the device will be locked for 40 hours unless the parent managing the account decides to unlock it.

And it is precisely the idea of ​​parental control tools that children cannot do everything they want without parental supervision. Therefore, parents will always have to agree for parental control to be removed. This, although it may be a bit annoying for the little ones, is precisely what gives parents the most peace of mind when using the tool.



If your concern is how to avoid Google Family Link problems , we recommend that you actively monitor your children’s Internet use in the first place. We should not delegate everything to an app, which can always have bugs, but also talk to them a lot and monitor what they do.

If we encounter any problem where the application does not work correctly, we recommend that you make sure you have an Internet connection, otherwise we will not be able to access the information about what our children do. And if it still fails, we recommend that you try clearing the cache or even deleting the app from the device and reinstalling it later.

Remember that Family Link must be installed on both your smartphone or tablet and those of your children. Therefore, if you want to make sure if there is a problem, you should check it on both devices , yours and that of the child you are controlling.

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