Don’t you trust giving your bank details online? We teach you how to buy at Shein without a card.

Although most of us are used to giving our credit card when we buy online, there are many users who have wondered how to buy on Shein without a card .

The first thing we want to tell you is that shopping at Shein is totally safe , so you shouldn’t be afraid to give out your bank details. But if you don’t have a card or for some reason don’t want to use it, there are a couple of options that will allow you to buy your favorite clothes anyway.

Probably the most common way to buy at Shein without a card is to do it through PayPal . This payment method allows you to create a virtual account connected to your bank account. In it you can enter the balance you want to make payments. Then, when you buy on Shein, instead of entering your card number, you only have to give your PayPal account, which leaves many users much calmer.

The second option would be to ask your bank for a prepaid card , in which you put only the money you are going to pay for your order, so that no one can access the rest of your account.

Finally, there is the possibility of creating a virtual credit card with which to buy in different online stores. In Spain, for example, there are Correos cards that you can top up at any of their offices, and you can use them later to pay only with the money you have.



In many online or catalog stores, one way for customers to be sure that there will be no problems with their money is to pay cash on delivery at the time they receive their order. As it is an option available in many brands, many users wonder if it is possible to pay in Shein in cash . But the reality is that the Chinese fashion store does not offer this option.

Thus, to make a purchase on Shein you have no other choice but to have a bank account or some online payment service.

If you do not have a bank account or for whatever reason you are interested in paying for your purchases with cash, the only solution available to you is to ask someone to make the order for you , or at least to put your credit card credit. You could give the person the cash in exchange for making the card payment directly to Shein. But if you don’t have a bank account or someone willing to help you in this way, you won’t have any way to make the payment in the popular online store to be able to make your purchases.



Now that you have ruled out the possibility of paying in cash, you are probably wondering what are the payment methods in Shein . The reality is that the popular fashion store only has two possible payment methods in Spain. One of them is to pay by credit card and the other, as we have mentioned before, is to make the payment through PayPal. Therefore, not only can we not make the payment on delivery when the order arrives, but we also do not have the option of resorting to other possibilities such as paying by bank transfer or Bizum, options that are common in other online stores.

Within bank cards, the three options available are Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or American Express . But the vast majority of cards that our banks give us belong to one of these four companies, so this should not be a problem.

In some countries, some additional local payment methods are available, as is the case with OXXO in Mexico , although this depends on the country.

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