Expand memory: How to partition an SD card on Android Q

If the available RAM of your Android-Q device is too small, it is possible to expand it using an SD card. In order to use the SD card as a RAM expansion, it is necessary to partition it beforehand. Read here how to set up the SD card as RAM.

Android Q: expand memory – how it works

The memory of all applications that are currently running on a device. If the RAM is too low, it can happen that individual apps do not work properly or your Android Q smartphone is very slow. To solve the problem, you can expand your working memory with a suitable SD card.

  1. If you have inserted the SD card , it is first necessary to partition it with a special tool such as “Partition Wizard”.
  2. Open the program for this, select your SD card and click on “Delete All Partions”.
  3. Then tap on “Create” to create a new partition and give it a name. Select “Primary” under “Create As”, set “FAT32” as the file system and select a size for the partition before tapping “Apply”.

Android Q: How to set up memory expansion

If you have partitioned the SD card, you still have to activate the RAM expansion under Android. To do this, install the “Swapper 2” app on your Android Q device and open it. First activate the “Run swapper at startup” option in the settings before you switch to “Advanced preferences” to set up the working memory on the SD card. Make sure to activate the “Use swap partition” option and enter the path to the swap partition.

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