Can I stop receiving WhatsApp messages from a contact WITHOUT blocking it?

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Today it is impossible to stop receiving messages from a contact without blocking it. The “vacation mode” that WhatsApp once tried in its Beta version and was the closest thing to that possibility never reached the stable version of the application. Unofficial WhatsApp clients, like GBWhatsApp, don’t offer this option either (and you won’t want to use something like that because you’re exposed to a ban). Hiding a chat using the “Archive” option simply hides messages, does not block them or prevents them from arriving.

For now, the only option you have to avoid being bothered by a WhatsApp contact is to disable their notifications. Simply open the chat with that contact, touch the menu button or three dots at the top, choose “View contact” and activate the “Silence notifications” switch.

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This will “turn off” or disable the sounds and vibrations that are generated when you receive messages from a contact. You can choose 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year, after which time they will be activated again. You can also do this for numbers that are not contacts but have a conversation.

You’ll also want to uncheck the “Show notifications” box so that nothing appears on the screen when you receive a message. In other words, the WhatsApp icon will not appear in the Android status bar (notification bar) when that contact sends you a message.

When a contact is muted in this way, a loudspeaker with a line through it will appear as an icon next to its name in the chat tray.

Instead of muting the contact, you can also alter their notifications by tapping on ” Personalized notifications “. That is, you can assign a specific tone and vibration for that contact.

Mute or customize notifications is something you can also do with those groups you have joined but are bothered by their constant notices. Open the group chat, touch the menu button and select “Group info”.

The Android app manager allows you to disable ALL notifications from any application, including WhatsApp. However, this would disable message notifications from ALL your contacts, something that may not suit you.


Although this does not prevent you from receiving the message and seeing it in the application when you open it, at least you will no longer be bothered by the notifications generated by that particular contact.

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