Android Q: Change font – how it works

If you are using a smartphone or tablet with Android Q as the operating system, you have various options for changing the font settings of the device. In this article we explain how to proceed to change the size of the font as well as the font.

Android Q: This allows the font size to be adjusted

If the font size on your Android-Q smartphone is too small for you, it is easily possible to adjust the size on most devices. To do this, first open your device’s Settings app by tapping on the “gear icon”. Depending on the manufacturer of your Android-Q device, please navigate to “Display” or “Display” and select the entry “Font size”. In the pop-up window that opens, you now have the choice of setting the font size to “Small”, “Normal”, “Large” or “Very Large”.

How to change font on Android Q

If you wanted to change not only the size of the font, but also the font, this was previously only possible on a few Android devices.

  1. If you have a Samsung smartphone, you can change the font size by going to “Display”> “Font” in the settings and selecting a font from the list displayed.
  2. If you are using a HTC brand device , you can also change the font via the settings by tapping “Font style” in “Personalize”> “Font”.
  3. With the release of Android Q, it should now be possible to change the font on all Android devices. The beta version of Android Q was already equipped with a new feature by Google, which gives you the opportunity to choose between two fonts.

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