Android: how to turn off location?

Several Android applications use the location of your device to offer maximum functionality. Under the Google OS, you can completely disable its location to enter the most total secrecy, or choose the applications having the right to access it. This allows to sort between legitimate locations, and others. Here’s how to do it for both options.

For one or more reasons that are up to you, it may be practical to deactivate the location entirely or partially. That is, to limit this information to certain applications . Here we describe the important steps to achieve this with ease on your smartphone or any other Android device. Please note that the operations described here are made from a Huawei P20 running Android 8.1 Oreo. However, they are similar on a good number of smarpthones.

Disable localization entirely

Nothing could be simpler to completely deactivate localization on Android.

1. Touch ”  Settings  ” on your Android smartphone

2. Then go to ”  Security and confidentiality  “

android disable location

3. Touch ”  Location data  “

android disable location

4. Deactivate ”  Access to location information  “

android disable location

This manipulation will make you totally invisible to radars ! However, this also represents a risk for your smartphone since in case of loss it will be impossible to find it thanks to the Google localization program. In case your wish is to simply deactivate the localization for certain applications, go to the next chapter.

Disable localization for certain applications

Since Android 6 Marshmallow it is possible to finely manage the access authorizations to the functionalities of our smartphone, microphone, directory, camera and of course the location. It’s not very complicated, here is how to do it:

android disable location
  1. Tap “Settings”
  2. Go to “Applications”
  3. Select the application you want, in our example it’s Chrome
  4. Tap “Permissions”
  5. Remove “Location Information”

That’s it, as you can see it’s very simple. And of course you can restrict all kinds of permissions . However, keep in mind that this will inevitably have consequences when you use the application.

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