6 Successful Tinder Conversations You Should Learn From


Having Tinder conversations that actually come out of something positive is much more difficult than it seems. Getting matches is relatively easy, or it is difficult to maintain them.

If all your possible hookups fade within 5 minutes of starting the conversation, something that can be very helpful is to see examples of people for whom it has worked . Obviously we are all different and it is not about copying others, but knowing a little about what happens to others in these worlds of virtual dating can be very helpful when trying to find your better half.


The user with a truck profile photo

Truck : Hey, what’s up?

User : What is it like to be a truck?

Truck : What do you mean? I’m not a truck lol

User : The profile picture doesn’t lie.

Truck : Lol. I have other photos apart from my truck lol. I just love my truck.

User : Yeah, yeah… that’s what a truck would say.

From this conversation, which may seem quite absurd, we can draw a conclusion: being original always attracts attention . If there is something that catches your attention in the profile photo of the person with whom you are starting to talk, bringing up a topic related to that detail, even if it is as absurd as the one in this chat, is always a good way to start a conversation. conversation.


The one who knows everything about a subject

Him : I have train data

Her : Tell me your dirtiest train fact

Him : In 1825, there was a boy so thick he literally caused a steam train to explode using only his ass.

Her : I’m impressed.

Him : The name of the train was Best Friend of Charleston, and the fat man was a fireman, the man in charge of keeping the fire burning. He was annoyed by the sound of the safety valve so he sat on it. And then the train exploded.

Her : Wait. Just checked and you’re right. I thought you were making it up.

Him : I never make up facts about trains.

Is your quirk that you know a lot about something? Show it to the person you’re trying to pick up.

The “grief factor”

Him : You must be the only girl I’ve ever seen who only has solo pictures. I like that.

Her : That’s because I don’t have any friends.

Laughing at your own misfortunes can be a good way to show that you are a person with humor… or to win the other over with pity.

Brutal honesty sometimes works

Him : What was it that convinced you to swipe right?

Her : Desperation. And you?

It is not about insulting the person with whom you are trying to flirt, far from it. But sometimes these types of comments that make fun of oneself while making fun of the other person lead to success. After all, fooling around arguing with the other person is something we’ve all done since we were teenagers.


The direct indirect

Her : Tell me something interesting about yourself.

Dennis : I wear shoes during sex.

Her : Lol, are you doing anything tonight?

Dennis : I hope to wear shoes

Something that usually works very well on Tinder is hints. Go to the point but without saying it in a way that could be obscene.

self confidence

Timothy : Thxy72zya. Copy that.

User : What does that mean? It’s crazy.

Timothy : It’s my wifi password, to save time for when you come here later.

One of the ultimate tricks to flirting on Tinder is trusting that you can do it. It’s easier to attract your potential dates if you appear confident than if you cling to shyness.

But, beyond looking for magic formulas, the ideal when you are trying to meet someone is simply to be yourself.

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