We show you a selection of phrases to make your Telegram biography much more interesting

Do you want to write your Telegram biography and you don’t know what to put? Don’t worry, we show you 50 phrases for my Telegram biography that will not leave you indifferent. Choose from the phrases that most identify you and put on your profile so that each of your contacts knows a little more about you.

Telegram is one of the most interesting messaging applications because it has a lot of functions to make communication much easier. In addition, in the app you can put a small text about us, it is the biography. Today we have selected phrases that will make your biography much more attractive for those who read it.


Among the 50 phrases for my Telegram biography you cannot miss the phrases to flirt. Here we show you the most suggestive and daring . Do not miss it!

  • I don’t know how to kiss, could you teach me?
  • I do not have the fault that you like me. The fault is yours, for having everything that I love
  • Could you lend me a dictionary? Is that seeing you I am speechless
  • I didn’t believe in love at first sight until you walked in here
  • You are so handsome that I forgot what I was going to say to you
  • Has the sun just risen? Or have you smiled at me?
  • What is a star flying so low doing?
  • I love your eyes! I would like to see them again …
  • Excuse me, is your name Google? Because you have everything I am looking for
  • I invite you to the movies, at least if you don’t like me, you will have seen a good movie
  • I just asked Siri how to talk to a girl as pretty as you
  • You were going to tell you that I like you, but the truth is that I love you
  • I am recommended by 9 out of 10 women / men (the other is my ex)
  • So your weekend plans is to meet me right?
  • Our first kiss is going to be legendary
  • One day I’ll bring you breakfast in bed
  • Where can I find a coffee shop near here?… Will you come with me for a coffee?
  • I have read my horoscope and it says that this week I will find someone special … I think it’s you.
  • Since I’ve seen you, I’ve lost my mind. I think I need a good lawyer.
  • It’s not my fault that I like you, it’s your fault for having everything that I love.
  • I do not know if you are dream or reality, but if I am dreaming … I do not want to wake up.
  • Do you already believe in love at first sight or do you step ahead again?
  • You are the only person I know with two hearts, yours and mine.
  • I hope you know how to give word of mouth because I am out of breath.
  • How long will you stay with me? Do I make coffee or a lifetime?


If what you need are phrases to motivate your contacts and for yourself as well, this selection is ideal to help each day to be better than the previous one .

  • The only impossible thing is what you don’t try
  • Never stop fighting for what you want
  • Processes take time
  • You don’t need much, you need to be constant
  • Don’t let fear overcome your talent
  • Your only limit is your mind
  • Who wakes up with a smile one good day awaits him
  • Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations
  • I have the power to create the life I want
  • The adventure of living begins with the madness of dreaming
  • Make the days count
  • Don’t be afraid to be you
  • If someone could do it, I can too and if someone couldn’t, I’ll be the first
  • That you are so happy that you do not know if you live or dream
  • To everything that you put love becomes magic
  • Nothing is perfect that’s why the pencil has an eraser
  • Do not lower the goal increase the effort
  • Insist, persist, resist, never give up
  • What if you stop thinking so much and just try?
  • Do more of what makes you happy
  • Action is the fundamental key to success
  • Sometimes you have to forget what you feel and remember what you deserve
  • There is no better medicine than to have happy thoughts
  • Strive for progress not perfection
  • Your effort was worth, is worth and will be worth it.


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