10 mysterious APPS that come pre-installed on your Samsung phone

Android devices come with a bunch of factory or pre-installed apps, which maintain some functionality of the system or device. I have investigated some that I have found in the application manager on my Samsung Galaxy and they have caught my attention, I had no idea what they are and what they are for, or I have seen them running in the background.

For your peace of mind, none of the apps on this list are viruses or malware. Although if you see any strange behavior, such as stopping frequently or consuming too much battery, you can try some solutions ranging from restarting them to restoring the device settings.

Strange system apps on Android

AASA Service : Apparently a service related to device security policy apps.

Download Manager : Although this one is quite obvious, I have read doubts about it. This app is related to the downloads on your device. In old cell phones it was called Charge Manager . I think the first name is more correct, because when deactivating it I have only seen problems with downloads, not with file uploads.

Market Comments Agent : Apparently a Google application. Through this, other apps may ask you to provide feedback on them.

android-ss-service-lib : The eskerahn.dk site says it is “Hiya Service”. If you google Hiya you will see that this is a caller ID service used by Samsung, AT&T and T-Mobile.

ANT Radio Service , ANT + Plugins Service : Related to ANT wireless network technology, which mainly focuses on health. Allows you to connect sensors such as heart rate meters, blood pressure or glucose monitors.

BadgeProvider : It is responsible for displaying the notification balloons in the Samsung launcher.

Facebook App Installer and Facebook App Manager : Through them Facebook updates its applications (including Facebook, Messenger or Instagram), skipping the Play Store.

slocation : Related to Samsung location services. It can be used to track your cell phone through your Samsung account.

SmartFaceService : Serves to keep the screen active when you are looking at it. Samsung calls this feature “Smart Stay” (you can find it in Settings> Advanced Features).

tuiService : This is an app developed by Trustonic, to provide security in commercial apps, such as those of banks or cryptocurrency wallets. On a Samsung Galaxy, perhaps this would show the numeric keypad on Samsung Pay.

If these apps give you problems

The first thing you should try is to reboot the device. You can also force stop it or erase its data, erase the cache partition from the recovery mode or update the system if there is an update available. In the latter case, restore the equipment to its factory settings.

It is possible that in some of these applications you have the option “Deactivate”. Although this action is reversible and you can reactivate the app, keep in mind that while it is deactivated you can see irregularities in other applications. If the Disable option is not enabled for an app, the manufacturer may have deemed it critical to the system. Therefore, do not try to force its deactivation by ADB or by root permissions. This could be very counterproductive.

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