So you can advertise on Facebook without paying anything

Facebook is a content showcase for millions of users who enter the app every day. If you do not have a very comfortable economy, you may not be able to pay for advertising your brand or business. Don’t worry we show you how to advertise on Facebook without paying.

In the case of advertising platforms on social networks, Facebook Ads continues to be one of the most prominent spaces to reach and attract new audiences. But it is also true that not everyone can pay for advertising on these platforms, especially if their brand or business has just started up. To solve this problem we tell you how to advertise on Facebook without paying.

The first thing you should know to know how to advertise on Facebook without paying is that you are going to have to prepare a text or image of your brand or business that will be the one you will use to advertise yourself.

To advertise your brand or business on Facebook without paying what you have to do is put your ad in Facebook groups related to what you advertise . To do this, you must enter Facebook and in the search engine that appears at the top of the screen, look for groups related to your brand or business.

These groups will then appear as a list. Now you just have to join them and when they give you permission and accept you into the group you can make a publication with your image selling your brand or business. It is important both that the groups are related to the theme of your brand or business and that you explain well the information you want to show in a way that is understandable for all users.


Now that you know how to advertise on Facebook without paying, you may also need the opposite, how to pay for advertising on Facebook if your brand or business is growing.

To pay for advertising on Facebook you must go to the payment settings in the ad manager . There you must configure the payment method that you are going to make r. Remember that you must be an administrator to make a payment or you must manage the billing information for an advertising account.

Once inside the payment information next to the amount you have to pay, click on the “pay” button . Enter the amount you want to pay and finally finish the payment by clicking the “pay” button again.



If you have a Facebook page and you want to advertise it to gain followers, we will explain how to advertise a Facebook page.

The first thing you have to do is create a Facebook page that is attractive and attracts the attention of your followers. Take care of the profile image and also that of the cover header. On your website put buttons where your content can be shared on Facebook. Install plugins that automatically share content on your Facebook page.

Organize giveaways on your Facebook page. Do not forget to put among the requirements that people follow you and share your content, this is a way to advertise the Facebook page.

Post content on the page that is original and engaging and encourage your followers to share it on their profiles. This will promote your page much better and completely free of charge.

Use hashtag in your posts. Although on Facebook, hashtags are not as used as on Instagram, it never hurts to put one or two. We cannot forget that there are people who search for trends in these social networks.

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