Do you have a new match on Tinder? Breaking the ice with an absurd phrase may be a good idea… or not.

When we have a new match on Tinder , one of the things that often costs us the most work is the time to break the ice. Will a hello be enough for the conversation to start and flow? I better ask you something? To get through this difficult time, there are people who resort to humor. And there are phrases that may seem a bit ridiculous but that, miraculously, work. Next we are going to show you some absurd phrases but that can make your possible new flirt fall at your feet.

  • Do you like bad boys? I am bad at everything. In love, in studies, at work…
  • I really like your eyes, especially the right one
  • I like your photo, you remind me of the girl I used to like when I was 12 years old. Shall we meet to ring the bells and run away?
  • pkashfaelkasdfkjhaew aspdfap ha`osdfñklas dfij. Sorry. I wanted to impress you by telling you something that no one had ever told you.
  • Nobody is perfect. Sincerely: Nobody
  • You have a very pretty face… It would look better framed on my wall
  • Today I bought an agenda and I realized that something very important is missing: your phone number
  •  I have good news for you: I don’t take shirtless photos of myself in front of the mirror.


If this has not been enough for you, then we are going to review some crazy phrases that some people have used on Tinder (with better or worse luck):

  1. Help me, I left my girlfriend a week ago and I don’t remember where
  2. Recommended by 9 out of 10 women (the other is my ex)
  3. I invite you to the movies, at least if you don’t like me you will have seen a good movie
  4. I was in the car, at a traffic light, writing you a first message when a policeman on a motorcycle called my attention and almost gave me a fine. I got away because I showed him your photo in the hope that he would understand me… and he told me that I better at least get your number!
  5. Can we skip the preliminaries and go straight to the important stuff?… What is your favorite reggaeton?
  6. I’m the only man on Tinder who doesn’t climb, but I do amazing lentils
  7. I rescue grandmothers and help cats to cross the street… Or was it the other way around?
  8. I choke on my toothbrush so don’t get your hopes up
  9. I fall asleep every night crying and hugging my legs like an armadillo. I live in my father’s garage. Please answer me. I need it
  10. 80% cook, 40% musician and 100% clown
  11. I like to take long walks on the beach with my girlfriend until I get low on LSD and I see that I am actually dragging a stolen mannequin through a shopping center parking lot


Silly phrases can work, but there are others that should never be on your profile if you don’t want your potential matches to run away:

  • Racy phrases : If there is a match and chemistry, everything will happen later, but putting yourself in slimy mode from the profile can scare the other away
  • Resentment with your ex : If you make a profile when you are still hurt by a breakup, try not to let the other person know before they meet you
  • Your address : You don’t know what kind of crazy people you can find on Tinder, so try not to give too much information about where you live until you meet the other
  • Paulo Coelho quotes : Try to be a little original. The intense phrases and that are also more than seen will only manage to scare you away from the matches
  • Macho comments : you are hardly going to be able to conquer a woman if you are already showing in your profile that you do not respect them at all
  • References to your children: If you are a mother or father, it is fine for you to comment, but for the safety of your children, do not give too much information about your little ones

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