Tired of people misunderstanding your posts on social media? This is the new Twitter function to avoid controversy with your tweets
This is the new Twitter function to avoid controversy with your tweets

Tweeting in 2022 has become a high-risk activity. Personal attacks, lack of context or the alarming reading comprehension of many users are making social networks seem more and more like a minefield instead of a meeting point where ideas can be discussed and confronted. To solve this, a new tool has arrived that can help shed light – even more – on what we are writing: this is the new Twitter function to avoid controversy with your tweets .


Users of the social network in the US and Australia are being able to use the new Twitter status feature, which is still in testing. If you are wondering what Twitter statuses are and if they have anything to do with WhatsApp statuses, they have nothing to do with them. This new social network tool consists of a tag that can help the reader get an idea of ​​what your tweet contains (beyond the tweet itself, of course).

For example, when posting a tweet that could be controversial and raise some controversy, users can add the label ‘Hot take’ (controversial opinion), which will appear at the top of the tweet with a chili pepper emoji . In this way, the user who reads it will already know what that comment is looking for : to generate salseo more than anything else. Elon Musk had the feature activated, but at the time of reviewing this article, the tags on his tweets had disappeared, implying that the Twitter development team is still working on the new feature .

This is the new Twitter function to avoid controversy with your tweets

Twitter statuses can be used in the two countries already mentioned through the application, both on Android and iOS, but not through the web version. Those who browse through the web version of Twitter will be able to see the statuses of the contacts that use them, but they will not be able to use them. At the moment, you cannot create your own statuses , but only use the different labels proposed by the social network.


Once we know where these new labels are located , the main question remains: what are Twitter statuses for? The main idea behind this novelty is to provide more context, although it can also simply serve to let your followers know how you are in the mood.

One of the main curiosities of these states is that, when you click on them, you will be redirected to the Twitter search engine with those terms. If you see that someone has tweeted with the tag ‘Spoiler alert’ and click on it, it will redirect you to a general search for that term (which can cause you to eat hundreds of spoilers for any movie, series or book).

This is the new Twitter function to avoid controversy with your tweets 2

Twitter statuses that are currently live in the US and Australia include the following:

  • Hot take (controversial statement)
  • LOVES (Ask me something)
  • Spoiler alert (alerta de spoilers)
  • Need advice
  • Unpopular opinion (unpopular opinion)
  • Living the dream (living the dream)
  • Working hard, hardly working
  • Traveling (travelling)
  • Vacation mode
  • Picture of the day
  • Soon (pronto)
  • Good morning Good Morning)
  • Counting down
  • A thread (un hilo)
  • Current status
  • Shower thoughts
  • Case of the Mondays

Twitter statuses can be quite similar to the feelings or activities that we can add when posting something on our Facebook wall. Whether or not it will serve to limit controversy or help users better understand the meaning of the tweets that are launched remains to be seen, but it is undeniable that Twitter is making an effort to give one of the social networks a deep facelift. more veterans.

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